My name is Natalya, and I am thirteen years old. I found out on October 4, 2012, through a breath test at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital, that I have fructose malabsorption, a rare condition that causes malabsorption of fructose, found in many foods. Fructose malabsorption can be hard for many; the diet, called FODMAP Diet, is very limited, but it is immensely helpful. I made this website because I realized that many kids and teens in America need somewhere to go. Fructose malabsorption is most common is Australia, so many of the blogs have foods only available in Australia. They even have have restaurants for FructMals there! I know you want your “old” food, but the truth is…

You can’t have your old food.

It can be very, very hard, I won’t deny that. The first month for me was so hard, I can’t even begin to explain the emotional and physical changes I went through. When I first found out, I was in tears. But as the months went by, I realized that I was feeling 200% better than I did before I was diagnosed. The simple explanation of what happens when you eat fructose is as follows: the fructose sits in your intestines for about forty-eight hours, and you can experience anywhere from mild stomach pain (in minor cases) to nausea, and worse (in very major cases). You can find out more information about the FODMAP diet, recipes, and my experiences through the bars at the top of the page.

I hope you enjoy my blog, as I worked quite hard on this. (:

credit to Mary Bridge for my information.


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