Part III: California

A week or two later, it was my birthday (June 22). My mom and I started to worry because I still could barely get anything down; and when I did, it was pitiful. I had one of my friends over to watch Brave at the theater, but I still wasn’t hungry, having only had a few bites of popcorn or something (sorry, can’t remember).

Finally, in the first week of July, we went to see the doctor again. He was shocked. He said that I should have had my appetite skyrocketing up after that. He told me to leave the room (never a good sign), so I waited outside. When my mom came out, she said that from then on, I had to have MiraLax, a capful a day. MiraLax helped a little, now that I look back. I could have a lot of tiny meals a day, and by tiny, I mean half a NutriGrain bar in the morning because in the morning, I was full, which was odd. I had the MiraLax at 7:00pm every night.

Then, we went to California. I was placed on double the amount of MiraLax, and began to eat slightly bigger portions, probably because I was getting the stuff out of my system. Not all of it, mind you – just some of it.

When we came back from California, we went to go visit my doctor.


About jadiss55

My name is Natalya. I absolutely love volleyball, writing, and singing. My family and friends are extremely special to me.
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