Part IV: Mary Bridge

The doctor was very surprised that I hadn’t gotten better yet – and more than a little worried. He told me I had to start eating, and even thought I might be anorexic (which I most certainly was not!). We tried to get more food in me – we really did. But it wasn’t enough…my doctor said to start eating 1800 calories a day by drinking Ensure and things with high calories. Most of the foods I had to heighten my calorie count were unsafe.

We ended up scheduling an appointment with a gastroenterologist at Mary Bridge on the following Thursday, in September. On the Tuesday of that week, my mom took me over there to see if there was any way I could get in early. I was to the point of not caring if they had to replace my stomach. Miraculously, there was an opening! And he was a man who studied fructose malabsorption – that’s not very common. The nurse asked me questions about my height, weight, discomfort levels, and all that good stuff.

By the end of the three-hour long appointment, I was actually a little hungry, a feeling I hadn’t had in a long time. They told us that we shouldn’t worry so much about calories and gave me Prilosec for my stomach; apparently it was full of air bubbles that (we thought at the time) were causing the discomfort. They said to come back in two or three weeks if I didn’t feel better, and that they would schedule an endoscopy and upper GI if that were the case.

We left for home feeling hopeful that I would feel better by the end of September.


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My name is Natalya. I absolutely love volleyball, writing, and singing. My family and friends are extremely special to me.
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