Part V: Endoscopy

Another week and a half passed by, and my gastroenterologist called saying that he would schedule the tests earlier rather than later, just in case. I thought I would feel better by then, but it didn’t turn out that way.

On the day of the endoscopy, I left school at about 1:30pm and went to Mary Bridge. I had only been able to have white rice, white potatoes, and white fish that day so it wouldn’t “taint” the coloring of my stomach. I also had green Jello and an orange Popsicle. They told me to lay down on the cot, holding the stuffed animal I had brought. They then put on some numbing cream on my arm, and proceeded to stick the IV needle into my arm six times. I was like, “Seriously?” Next, they attached the IV to my arm, put a blood pressure measure on my finger, and wheeled me into the anesthesia room. I was really nervous – that was my first time under anesthesia. They put the anesthesia into the IV needle and I drifted off…

I woke up really faint and they offered me apple juice and goldfish. I sipped on the juice and ate some of the goldfish. After about forty-five minutes (during which I tried and failed to stand up), we were able to go home. I stayed on the couch watching TV until 9:00pm. I woke up the next morning feeling normal (well, except for the whole stomach thing).


About jadiss55

My name is Natalya. I absolutely love volleyball, writing, and singing. My family and friends are extremely special to me.
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