Part VI: Upper GI

The Upper GI was next. By that time, the results of the endoscopy had come back, and “revealed” that I had eucinophiliac gastritis, which meant that I had food allergies of some kind. We didn’t know what “revealed” meant, but we did know that there was bacteria in my stomach.

But anyways, we went into the Upper GI room, and they made me change into a gown instead of my t-shirt. Then they put me, standing up, on this machine thing, so I was standing against it. I had to drink this fizzy stuff, kinda like pop rocks in water, except softer (and they didn’t pop). They told me to try not to burp, but I didn’t have to. Next, they mixed the barium with this orange flavored stuff (if you ever have to have barium or orange flavored powder, I wish you luck) and I had to drink it.

They had a machine that could tell how much I was drinking at a time. I was barely sipping, and of course they noticed. “Drink up!” they reprimanded (in a nice way), so I tried. It tasted good, for the first few seconds, and then it tasted horrible when I realized I had to drink two cups of it. Then the machine tilted back and I was laying down on it. They flipped me over onto my stomach and X-rayed me, while continuing to tell me to turn over and over. That wasn’t that bad, actually, just the drinking part. The barium began to coat my stomach, like it was supposed to.

After that, they gave me another cup and told us to walk around the hospital  while drinking it. I really didn’t want to drink another full cup, but I had to in order for them to do the X-ray. And if they didn’t do the X-ray because I didn’t drink enough, we would have to do it another time. I managed to drink almost all of it while we were walking, but they said that the last few sips could be thrown away.

They took the X-ray, and then I went home…or to school (I can’t remember).  My stools, as they had warned me, were white and watery for about two days, then they were “normal (as normal as they could be with MiraLax).

That was actually the worst test that they took. The next one changed everything.


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My name is Natalya. I absolutely love volleyball, writing, and singing. My family and friends are extremely special to me.
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