Changes (09/29/2013)

Hey, everyone! I have so much to say right now, and this will probably take up a lot of space, so I’ll get started immediately.

The last time I posted was in April. Lots has changed since then. For one, I’m now 82 pounds, which is perfectly healthy for me!!! I was so, so, so happy when I saw that number on the scale. :)

I haven’t had any packaged mixes  (even if they were okay) except for Bisquick and Pure Pantry for pancakes/waffles. They work for me, and I hope that they work for you if you choose to look into them.

I do have some of those days where I’m not hungry, or I just feel a little…off. Actually, these past few days, I have been feeling a little off. I’ll explain more about that later. For now, I’ll just put a little section on what I do when I’m not feeling my normal self.

What if I start feeling abnormal?

If you start to feel unlike your normal self, don’t ignore you. You are intune to your own body and even though fructose malabsorption can cause you to become more sensitive about your stomach or feelings, don’t brush it off as overeacting. I find that taking walks, taking showers, taking baths, and/or eating something. I know the last one is like” What?!” but sometimes, you may actually be hungry. Be careful on that one; you don’t want to feel worse. I would recommend taking a walk as your first course of action, and see if it helps you feel better. It certainly helps me. If you’re feeling empty, however, eat something.

Anyways, back to the changes. I had a great summer, and my mom and I called it a “redo summer” because the summer of ’12 was awful – I felt awful, I looked awful, and it was just…yeah. I had so much fun this summer and I’m so glad that I feel better. Well, I’m SO SO SO glad that I feel better. I can’t put it into words, really.

The website is undergoing some changes right now, and may be moved to a different web-hosting website, but I’m not sure yet. Weebly and WordPress are ideas. There may be some more in the future.

I’ve started a new school year, and I’m in seventh grade now, and at a new school. No one has really gone in depth in trying to figure out why I’m not eating what they are. Sometimes I get the occasional “Why can’t you have _____ again?” and sometimes I’ll say I’m allergic, sometimes I’ll say that I’m not hungry, and sometimes I’ll explain, depending on my mood. They seem to know that fructose is in everything though, which I found somewhat amusing. “Wait, is fructose in cookies?” Yes. They then proceeded to go into a sympathetic stage for me. xD

I do have volleyball everyday, and I’m usually quite hungry by the time it finishes. See, I have lots of water during the day and eat 6-7 small meals a day. Research actually shows that many small meals are better than three big ones – I even did that when I wasn’t Dx. I strongly recommend drinking lots of water and having many small meals a day. But my point here is that, since Thursday/Friday, I’ve been feeling a little off. From Friday morning:

…my stomach felt very off. I was hungry and full at the same time, I think, but I felt pretty empty and it wasn’t a nice feeling. Especially during the night – I could barely get to sleep and I had to shift my position a lot. Finally, my mom got me rice crackers from Blue Diamond and I had 3 of them with a glass of water. I felt better after that (this sounds weird but I almost like being full rather than empty if I have to feel something, because I know what full feels like and can fix it easily) but slept with my head high so I wouldn’t feel sick from eating and lying down. This morning I can still taste the rice crackers (it’s almost 7am here and I had the crackers at around 2-3am) but I’m not hungry, and I tried taking a walk but I only feel a bit better. I might mention that after eating a medium-sized dinner, I felt the best I had felt all day.

It was very strange, to say the least. At first, I thought I had a stomach bug, and then I realized that the feeling was hunger. I was so hungry that it hurt my stomach and made me feel empty! However, yesterday, I still wasn’t back to normal, and last night I had to shift positions a lot…I also had some “nightmares” that weren’t really nightmares, but kept me somewhat awake. I moved to my mom’s room at about midnight. This morning, I woke up, took a long shower, and spent some time in the bathroom with loose stools. Afterwards, I felt better, but I only had a piece of toast for my first meal, instead of pancakes or eggs, bacon, and toast. I’m hoping that tomorrow I feel better!

On Friday, it will have been one year since being Dx. I’m not sure how I feel about that. It’ll be bittersweet, that’s for sure. I’ll be sure to post on that day, like I said on the Home page under Announcements. Be sure to check that section every week for updates. Also, the dreaded H-holiday is coming up, and it’ll definitely be hard to hear all that candy talk. I’ll post here though, so you guys have some inspiration.

Feel free to comment on these blog posts! I’ll be updating weekly or bi-weekly from now on, every Sunday, and usually before 9:00pm, unlike today. As weird as this sounds, I’d like to hear about some of your “down” days, when you don’t feel well, but also your “up” days. Until next time.

– Natalya :3


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My name is Natalya. I absolutely love volleyball, writing, and singing. My family and friends are extremely special to me.
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