Searching and Sick


It’s Natalya, again. So, after that extremely depressing post last time, I figured I’d try and give you a positive, optimistic one this time!!!

Unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, that isn’t happening for another week or two.

I’ve decided to cut lactose-free milk out of my diet, for the entire month of June (incidentally, my birth month *cough* June 22nd *cough*). I just felt so full after having it, with rice pudding, frozen yogurt, hot cocoa, etc. The only time I don’t remember feeling super full afterwards is when I have it with Corn Chex, and I suspect that’s because I’ve always tried to get as little milk as possible in my mouth, even back in pre-diagnosis days. I only like the milk because it makes the cereal taste better, not because I actually drink the milk. Who does that?? ;)

And sadly, just when I thought I’d figured out the solution to why I haven’t been feeling up to par lately, school ended and I had a very enjoyable Saturday slash first day of summer. The day was pretty good, tummy-wise, and only at the end, around 6pmish, did I start to feel a little… off. I brushed it off, because after dinner I get a bit of discomfort (just a little) more often than I prefer. That’s not normal either, but one problem at a time, right? And I really don’t want to go on an elimination diet because I don’t feel that it’s necessary… although it’s summer, which is the perfect time to start one… even though I’m going on vacation in two weeks…

Anyways, I woke up on Sunday and had eggs and bacon with a carrot muffin instead of toast, and I didn’t feel that great afterwards. I walked my dog, like I do every morning, but when we arrived back at the house, I still didn’t feel better. I got up every hour for ten minutes to move around (something I’ve started doing to keep my digestive system moving, mimicking what I did at school in between periods). My dad asked me if I felt okay and I said I was. Which was a bit of a lie.

And then four hours passed. Now, if you don’t remember, I’m supposed to eat every two to three hours, and once it gets past three and a half, I start getting cranky and “starved.” Usually. Now, I was aggressively unhungry (quote from The Fault in our Stars, which I saw on Friday, a day I felt perfectly fine and also my last day of school) and did not want to put even a piece of toast in my body.

But I did, anyways, because even if I wasn’t feeling all that great, I still needed food. It’s not really an option for me to not eat, seeing as my weight is on such a delicate balance (I’ve already lost four pounds from… well, I’ll get to that in a second).

Now, let’s go back in time for a few moments. From Thursday night to sometime on Saturday, my dad had apparently eaten some shrimp (which he is very allergic to) and gotten food poisoning (with similar symptoms to *dun dun dun* gastroenteritis, or more commonly known as the stomach flu). From what I’ve heard, food poisoning lasts about 24 hours and the stomach flu symptoms last about one to three days. Hmm…

So, I felt very unhungry and nauseous all day Sunday, which is not a fun feeling, and I got various suggestions from an FM Support Group on Facebook that I joined: were the eggs bad (I’m not sure)? can you tolerate carrots (yes, better than most I guess)? was the bacon cured (yes)? have you had that meal combo before (admittedly not)? And now I’m afraid of the eggs my mom just bought. Sigh. And I won’t be having a carrot muffin with eggs and bacon anytime soon, either.

Monday morning came, and I woke up at 5am because my mom had to go to work and I had originally wanted to go with her. Well, obviously I didn’t anymore!!! My day consisted of napping, watching Harry Potter movies, and reading, whilst laying on the couch. Luckily, my symptoms did not include throwing up. Instead, they included moderate D, minor to moderate abdominal cramps/pain (more so at night), occasional muscle aches, and a headache (I took a Tylenol!). I did not miss the nausea (I actually got hungry throughout the day), and I had no fever, which was good.

And now it’s Tuesday, marking the second or third day of symptoms, and I’m really hoping they’ll go away tomorrow, because I’m tired of them!!! My mom left for work again. I ate breakfast. I laid on the couch, slowly killing my brain cells watching Nick Jr. I had soup four hours later. I napped. My dad apologized for giving me the stomach flu (I’ll forgive you when these symptoms disappear). I managed to eat a sandwich two hours later, which is more typical for me!! YAY! I read online that you should return to a normal diet about a day or so after symptoms start so that you don’t lose proteins and fats and whatever.

And I lost weight, too, which sucks but I’ll gain it back once this nasty virus leaves my system.

To end on a happier note, I’ll be posting recipes for lunches and dinners soon!



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My name is Natalya. I absolutely love volleyball, writing, and singing. My family and friends are extremely special to me.
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