Above all, I recommend drinking water and some sort of milk. Water is by far the best you can have, though. Try drinking a gulp or two every fifteen minutes for a few days, and see how you feel. You should feel better, if you don’t drink enough water normally.

Check the Dairy section for notes about milk-based beverages, and Sugars about aspartame (Crystal/Wyler’s Light).

water (tap, filtered, unflavored bottled, mineral)
lactose-free milk*
tea (green, white, peppermint)
coffee (espresso, instant)
unsweetened flavored sparkling water
unsweetened rice, oat, almond, or hemp milk
Crystal’s Light/Wyler’s Light

in moderation
coconut milk, low-fat (1/2c)
diet soda
soy milk (made from soy protein)
tea (weak: chai, dandelion)

beer or wine
all fruit juices (except lemon or lime juice)
soft drinks or sports drinks
drink mixes with avoided sugars
sweetened milk
soy milk (made from soy beans)
coffee made from chicory
tea (strong: chai, dandelion)
tea (any: chamomile, fennel, herbal, oolong)


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